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List of laboratories

  1. Laboratory of the control of radioactive radiation and intensity of electromagnetic fields
  2. Laboratory of the control of physical parametres of environment
  3. Analysis and data processing Laboratory
  4. Administrative-operating personnel
  5. Attestation-diagnostic center of SKGMI
  6. Laboratory of aerodynamics and depressive shootings of shafts and mines
  7. Laboratory of mining and geomechanics
  8. Centre of assistance of employment of graduates
  9. Department of interaction with strategic partners
  10. Department of practice
  11. Laboratory of remote methods of researches
  12. Test laboratory VTSOT
  13. Research laboratory on quality assurance of environment
  14. Research laboratory ecology
  15. Laboratory under the control of parametres of a climate
  16. Postgraduate class
  17. The Photolaboratory
  18. Power management and power audit Department.
  19. Department of nonconventional and renewed energy sources.
  20. Geoecological monitoring Department.
  21. Section of a student's scientific organisation.
  22. Hydrogeology laboratory