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Kotlyakov V.M.

Science. Society. Environment.

The book characterizes a creative way of academician V.M.Kotlyakov., the leader of Russian geography and glaciology. It contains his publications on the results of studies of almost unknown earlier regions, on revision of some scientific positions and search for a new approach to a strategy of mankind development and preservation of the environment. Extensive reference material of his works and versatile scientific and public activity in the country and abroad is given and the history of sciences.

Alborov I.D.

The sanitary – ecological principles of regions stable development.

The sanitary –ecological principles of regions stable development are considered in the educational manual, the mythology of complex ecological hygienic city zone space is given and the principles of safe ecological systems formation of an industrial city.

Alborov I.D., Zikov V.N., Popadeikin V.V., Chernishov V.N., Vagin V.S., Ananikyan Kh.S.

The normative-law basis of ecological estimation territories. Educational manual / Alborov I.D., Zikov V.N., Popadeikin V.V./ Under the edition by prof. Chernishov V.I; The Ministy of Science and Education of Russian Federation, The Educational Agency of Education, the North-Caucasion Institute of Mining and Metallurgy – Vladikavkaz: Terek, 2005. 153c.

The metrological and normative basis of environment protection and the modern condition of nature protection in Russia are considered in the educational manual. The main trends of ecological policy and the law regulation of nature protection and nature usage.

This educational manual is for students, training by the following specialties: 511100 “Ecology and nature usage”, 013400 “Nature Usage”, 013100 “Ecology”, 553500 “The Environment Protection”, 320700 “The Environment Protection and the natural usage of nature recourses”, 330100 “Life safety in the techno sphere”, 33050 “Technological processes and manufacturing safety”. This manual may be used by the post-graduate students, scientific researchers, the enterprise specialists dealing with the industrial ecology problems, environment protection.

Prof. I.K. Khuzmiev

The North-Caucasian Mining and metallurgy Institute.

The data of world condition and the ways of its development in the 21 century, its influence on climate and ecology are considered in the book “The renewable sourses of energy”. It is shown, that the era of fire energy, based on burning the carbon fuel is going to stop. There fore, the salvation of energy supply of world economy, as well as, in Russian economy, based on renewable usage of energy and non-traditional energy. The authors, who concern this problem critically are also listed here, and it gives also the energy development forecast till 2030, which was done by “Ekson Mobile”. The book is also for energetics, politics, students and post-graduate students, and for those, who is interested in energy development.

Berger M.G.

Kolka glacier: the disaster of September 20, 2002 – a sudden gaz-dynamic emission of the glacier.

The numerous reasons of gaz-dynamic emission of Kolka glacier are marked in the book. The main steps of its preparation, and ending are revealed, and it was given their characteristic. The role of different natural factors is defined (water, hydro-meteorological conditions) in glacier emission. Using the specific gaz-dynamic special nature system of Kolka glacier considering some problems of glacier development of glacier, which is not mentioned beforehand.

Berger M.G.

Three glacier dynamic movements and four gaz-dynamic glacier Kolka emission. Unknown pages and historical problems of the history of pulsing glacier development.

The main points of the history of glacier Kolka development (Central Caucasus) during the last 250 years are considered in the given book, and also their laws and the movement factors of its development. The forecast of different dangerous situations for the near decades is also given here.

Popov K.P.

Alagir Gorge. Natural, historical and cultural and spiritual heritage.

This book is about natural, historical and cultural and spiritual heritage of Alagir Gorge, about wide-known Transkavkaz pass. Its nature and history, recreation and archaeological sightseeing’s, the history monuments, traditional nature usage, places, protected by the government as nature monuments and parks.